Week #8 Post #2


Developing a Theory of Gamified Learning:  Linking Serious Games and  Gamification of Learning:Simulation & Gaming 2014, Vol. 45(6) 752–768

In his 2014 journal article Richard N. Landers presents a definition for and describes the explosive utilization of “gamification” elements in online training both in business and academic settings. He then goes on to link measuring gamification effectiveness to research and the application of a construct of a theoretical model for measuring the effective of gamification. Landers contends that, “Without a theoretical model linking the specific approaches taken by instructional designers to gamify learning with the outcomes of those efforts, it will never be clear why these techniques influence  outcomes  as  they  do. “

Landers quickly and clearly identifies the audiences for who his research has application in the opening pages of his work. He reports that, “With growing popularity and yet mixed success in both industry and in teaching,  research is needed to explore the specific processes by which gamification is intended to improve learning (Landers, Bauer, Callan, & Armstrong, 2015).

The journal article has significant value and application for the field of education technology generally and the academy which applies in either industry or teaching because both groups are vested in attempting to isolate the key component or components of gamification that are essential for making online training more effective on a consistent basis.


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