Week #6.2 Post

Chun-Ming Hung, Gwo-Jen Hwang and Iwen Huang. A Project-based Digital Storytelling Approach for Improving Students’  Learning Motivation, Problem-Solving Competence and Learning  Achievement. Educational Technology & Society, 15 (4), 368–379.


In their 2011 journal article Hung, Hwang and Hwang present their research findings as to whether or not project based digital storytelling has substantive value for students who are exposed to the system as a tool for learning. The authors conclude that not only does project-based digital story telling improve the learning motivation, attitude, problem-solving capability and learning achievement of the students but the students also consistently remark that they found the experience enjoyable because  of the digital story telling aspect.

The journal article has direct application to teachers, instructors and other parties vested in education technology who are considering the utility and suitability of project-based digital storytelling for presenting science content to fifth grade students. The journal article examines the technology generally and reports statistically significant value over the controlled non-digital instructional methods, and that the value holds true for students of either gender.

The journal article is of partially limited use because as the researchers cite in their discussion and conclusion section, “the findings were from an experiment on an elementary school science course, therefore it could be difficult to generalize to other course or subjects.” Hung, Hwang and Hwang also concede that, “the digital story software adopted in this study guided the students to produce the movies using a step-by-step procedure; consequently , more experiments are needed to investigate the effectiveness of using other software with more flexible functions”



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